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Akapol is an Argentine Company built with national funds, with an outstanding track record of over fifty years in the market. The company was established in 1962, when it operated through its single industrial plant located in Villa Ballester, Buenos Aires. Today, Akapol has an industrial plant located in Zelaya, Buenos Aires province, and its administrative offices in Villa Ballester.
From the very beginning, Akapol’s objective has been to develop and trade own-brand products, to provide practical solutions to people doing jobs at home through the use of our adhesives and products.
The main strength of the company is the prestige of its brand. With international quality standards, Akapol products lead each of the categories or segments they participate in. As clear evidence of this participation, Akapol products can be found in most homes all over the country, satisfying users’ needs.
Brands such as POXIPOL®, POXIRAN®, POXILINA®, FASTIX®, LA GOTITA®, POXIMIX®, EL PULPITO®, POXITAS®, UNIPOX®, VOLIGOMA® and VOLIBARRA® are synonymous with reliability, renowned performance and quality warranty.

Facing the future, the company continues carrying out research into users' needs to develop prestigious products that may provide easy solutions to people performing home jobs.


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